The Power of Influence: It’s No Secret

It’s no secret that the many influential community-based health care providers impact practice behavior through wide reaching clinical networks. But historically it’s been challenging to find these under-the-radar clinical leaders who influence other physicians and should be recognized by biopharmaceutical companies as high-value targets for promotional messaging and communications.

Advanced data analytics can take the secret out of identifying impactful providers and their influence networks. At 81qd, we use disease-specific patient encounter data and machine learning-based algorithms and proprietary scoring methodologies to detect interpersonal influence between physicians, build clinical networks and provide a better understanding of the interrelationships between clinicians and the patient flow between them.

Pharma marketers can leverage customized, brand-specific insights with the Plexus Network Impact Score™ to redefine the value of targets, minimize outreach to low-impact providers, better diffuse messaging and use influence-based marketing to make meaningful changes in practices.

Hyper-targeted product messaging has been shown to increase ROI. Using analytics, marketing can match clinical influencers to their networks and develop efficient, segmented target lists for promotional communications across all channels, from sales representatives and speaker programs to web sites, social media and mobile/tablet apps.