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81qd uniquely integrates data science, medical strategy, and marketing expertise to generate the analytic-driven solutions that produce results.

Our methods of utilizing advanced data science and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to accelerate disease diagnosis, drive product adoption, and maximize therapy adherence have benefited clients across a wide breadth of therapeutic areas.


81qd Helps Our Clients Optimize Engagements with Health Care Providers (HCPs)

We leverage artificial intelligence platforms that can support clients in addressing their strategic imperatives.

Local Clinical Leader Identification and Network Mapping
Detect clinical connections among HCPs and identify local leaders who measurably impact the practice behaviors of other clinicians using Plexus, a proprietary clinical network mapping solution. Leverage the insights to design and execute commercialization initiatives that deliver the right message to the right target from the right messenger, thereby optimizing marketing effectiveness.

Thought Leader Identification and Profiling
Identify, profile, and map the networks of national and regional Thought Leaders by efficiently mining publicly available data related to authorship, clinical trial participation, conference speaking, professional association leadership, guideline development, and editorial responsibilities. Overlay proprietary clinical network maps to provide the most holistic view of Thought Leaders.

Thought Leader-Engagement Planning & Tracking
Improve relationships with Thought Leaders by planning and tracking interactions transparently across the enterprise using Acuity, a stakeholder management system with a suite of modules configured to meet user needs.

Patient-Finding Analytics
Pinpoint the clinicians currently managing undiagnosed patients with difficult-to-diagnose diseases using Orion, a proprietary patient-finding solution. Amplify the results using Plexus clinical network analytics to optimize commercial initiatives related to accelerating disease diagnosis.

Regional Marketing Analytics
Drive regional marketing activities and engagement by identifying the right experts, developing comprehensive engagement plans, assessing regional treatment dynamics, and tracking engagement success more efficiently and effectively through approaches based on proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.

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81qd leverages our core machine-learning platforms to support clients in addressing their key business questions

Leverages machine learning and real-world data-including medical claims and pharmacy claims-to reliably identify local clinical leaders, those individuals who impact the care of patients far beyond their own practice
Provides clinical network maps, which depict national, regional, and local network connections that are used to drive the diffusion of medical innovation to improve patient outcomes
Utilizes machine learning and real-world data-including medical claims, pharmacy claims, laboratory results, and electronic health records-to reliably find undiagnosed patients with difficult-to-diagnose diseases and, importantly, the HCPs managing them for other conditions
Integrates with Plexus, enabling our clients to leverage the power of clinical networks to facilitate disease diagnosis and treatment adoption
Employs industry-leading methodologies for data mining, cleansing, and disambiguation to identify and profile Thought Leaders from an academic and scientific perspective
Enables more effective Thought Leader engagement through a global stakeholder management platform that enables users to systematically identify the right experts for the right activities and share insights compliantly across the enterprise
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Evidence of Our Impact: Case Studies

Analytics-driven approach to medical marketing to drive behavior change and uptake


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