Our Team


Aleksandra Furmanov

VP, Business Technology and Analytics

As Vice President, Business Technology and Analytics, Aleksandra leads 81qd’s business technology team and is responsible for the development of new software and the maintenance of all existing applications.

Profile Overview

Aleksandra brings 16 years of industry experience in software engineering, architecting applications, and solving complex data problems using artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms.

Aleksandra is responsible for the development of enterprise customer-relationship management and data analytics applications, manages data mining and segmentation projects, and creates tools to analyze and present large data sets.

Aleksandra directs all health care encounter-based data analysis and manages a multifunctional team of software engineers and database experts.


  • BS in Applied Mathematics from Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia
  • MS in Computer Science focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Database Architecture from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan

Areas of Expertise

  • Data strategies and big data
  • Data mining and statistical analysis
  • Database management and architecture
  • Business intelligence and strategy