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Orion: Revolutionizing Disease Diagnosis

OrionTM is a sophisticated, proprietary machine-learning­­ algorithm that analyzes patient journeys found in disparate sources of real-world data (RWD) to predict the individual patients likely to have a disease and the healthcare professionals (HCPs) managing them.

Who We Are: 81qd Overview

At the crossroads of data science, medical strategy, and healthcare communication, 81qd shines as a leader in pharmaceutical data analytics. Our diverse team, consisting of top-tier data scientists and medical strategists, has paved the way for groundbreaking solutions, with Orion exemplifying our commitment to excellence.

  • Patient-Centric Identification: Orion specializes in locating HCPs managing both diagnosed and yet-to-be-diagnosed patients, zeroing in on undiagnosed cases in hard-to-diagnose diseases.
  • Shortening the Diagnosis Gap: We strive to diminish the often-prolonged journey to diagnosis, ensuring patients receive timely and appropriate care.
  • Precise HCP Analytics: Our robust analytics cater specifically in finding patients, making it easier for pharmaceuticals to reach their HCP.
  • Tailored Data Solutions: Orion uses predictive analytics and machine-learning algorithms with customization catering its data models to specific diseases.
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The Complexity of Disease Diagnosis

A pressing challenge in health care is long patient journeys towards a definitive diagnosis, especially with rare diseases.

Extended patient journeys bring about significant emotional, physical, and financial strains. Patients grapple with the uncertainty and physical discomfort of an undiagnosed condition, while caregivers shoulder the burden of not being able to effectively diagnose and treat a medical condition. The ripple effect of undiagnosed patients extends far and wide, underscoring the need for efficient undiagnosed patient analytics.

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Shorten the Patient Journey to Disease Diagnosis Using Machine Learning

Oftentimes, it takes several years for patients with difficult-to-diagnose diseases, including rare diseases, to receive a proper diagnosis, forcing the patients and their caregivers on an arduous and expensive journey. However, there is a bright side:

At 81qd, we have developed Orion, a solution that uses AI-driven predictive analytics to identify HCPs with the highest probability of having yet-to-be-diagnosed patients with difficult-to-diagnose diseases in order to help facilitate earlier diagnosis and pharmaceutical product adoption. 

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Identify HCPs Managing Undiagnosed Patients in Difficult-to-Diagnose Diseases

Orion examines billions of data points to uncover hidden patterns within individual patient journeys.

  • 81qd customizes all Orion models to a particular disease state and uses sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to identify previously undiagnosed patients with a high probability of having a specific disease
  • Orion is not a diagnostic tool—rather, it serves to help increase the screening of patients with a high probability of having a specific disease through more efficient clinician outreach and education, which ultimately will lead to earlier diagnosis and product adoption. 

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