OrionTM is a sophisticated proprietary machine-learning­­–based algorithm that analyzes disparate sources of health care encounter data to quantify the probability that individual patients are likely to have a disease.
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Shorten the diagnosis journey for patients

Oftentimes, it takes several years for patients with difficult-to-diagnose diseases, including rare diseases, to receive a proper diagnosis, forcing the patients and their caregivers on an arduous and expensive journey. However, there is a bright side:

At 81qd, we have developed Orion, a solution that uses predictive analytics to identify HCP practices with the highest probability of having yet-to-be-diagnosed patients with difficult-to-diagnose diseases in order to help facilitate earlier diagnosis and treatment.

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Identify HCPs managing undiagnosed patients in difficult-to-diagnose diseases

Orion examines billions of data points to uncover hidden patterns within individual patient journeys.

  • Each Orion model is customized to a particular disease state and uses complex machine-learning–based algorithms to identify previously undiagnosed patients with a high probability of having a specific disease
  • Orion is not a diagnostic tool—rather, it serves to help increase the screening of patients with a high probability of having a specific disease through more efficient clinician outreach and education, which ultimately will lead to earlier diagnosis and proper treatment