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The Next Generation in Thought Leader Identification

Welcome to Pantheon, a revolutionary, holistic Thought Leader Identification & Engagement software platform offered by 81qd. Pantheon is a data-driven tool that helps clients identify and connect with HCPs. Using advanced analytics, Pantheon helps clients to not only identify thought leaders, but streamlines the management and engagement process.

Pantheon’s clients can manage relationships and interactions with influential Thought Leaders, by saving information, exchanges, and events. Pantheon also offers support for social  listening, advanced profiling and analytics for healthcare providers.


  • Match disease and subject matter experts to your specific needs and criteria against our extensive database of thousands of  KOLs and HCPs
  • Build a robust profile of each KOL and HCP based on therapeutic expertise clinical trial activity, geography, publications, industry affiliations, and much more.


  • Upload and harmonize your existing and disconnected KOL and HCP lists, augment them with newly identified experts, and easily consolidate, segment, and engage
  • Spend less time looking for the experts and more time collaboration with your colleagues on how to maximize engagement using the Pantheon platform to streamline the process


  • Plan for, execute, and track engagement activities with your KOLs and HCPs across assets and teams
  • Monitor responses, progress, and engagement levels with a tool built for organization-wide visibility and coordinated reach-outs


  • Drive organizational transparency and effectiveness across of all KOL and HCP plans, collaborations, and activities by eliminating silos and providing a clear a real-time view of the experts with whom your organization is engaging

Pantheon Features & Benefits

Pantheon uses AI technology to identify thought leaders (TLs) and healthcare providers (HCPs) and customizes each user’s platform for specific engagements, helping clients with profiling and thought leader mapping. Pantheon’s beneficial features include – Identification and profiling, mapping and analytics,  segmentation, and selection, engagement planning, custom report generation, and more. Pantheon offers a cutting-edge dashboard for managing client engagements and allows users to communicate directly with healthcare professionals, saving time and encouraging seamless communication.

Thought Leader & KOL Engagement Management Software

Pantheon helps manage interactions with HCPs within the software platform. It uses vital features such as scheduling meetings directly in the platform, making communication smooth, structured, and stress-free. 

KOL Identification and thought leader management software platform
Advanced Analytics for key opinion leader identification and profiling

Use advanced analytics for thought leader identification and profiling

PantheonTM programmatically mines data related to digital online behavior, conference speaking engagements, healthcare congresses, professional association leadership positions, guideline development committee involvement, publications and editorial responsibilities with select journals, and more. Comprehensive profiles of thought leaders, as chosen by our clients, are stored within Pantheon.

By using advanced analytics, Pantheon enables clients to make informed decisions about selecting appropriate key opinion leaders for engagements, share insights with extended teams, work compliantly, and track results. Along the way, our health care analytics experts provide strategic insight and expertise to help organizations reach their objectives.

Pharmaceutical Thought Leader Mapping and Engagement Software Platform

Roles Using Pantheon Profiling & Engagement Software

Pantheon’s Profiling and Engagement software can be helpful in various roles. Here are some of the top positions that have found value in using Pantheon:

  • Medical Affairs Liaisons: Medical Affairs Liaisons work with thought leaders (TLs) to help them learn about treatment trends, identify if needs are not being met, and general thoughts and feelings toward a company’s products.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Teams: Sales representatives work with TLs to help increase brand awareness. For instance, when a TL endorses a product, it can significantly influence and encourage other healthcare providers to do the same, improve sales, and more.
  • Marketing Teams: TLs can help marketing teams understand their current marketplace, including the overall thoughts, feelings, and behavior of healthcare providers and patients. TLs and marketing teams can also collaborate on promotional activities, such as speaking at events or designing effective marketing materials.
  • Clinical Trial Recruiters: TLs such as highly influential physicians can be essential for recruiting participants for clinical trials. They can add credibility to a study, attract potential patients, and bring awareness to a trial after they share it with their audience.
  • Brand Managers: KOLs can help strategists identify critical differentiators for a product, making advertising easier in a heavily saturated market.
  • Healthcare Payer Teams: Engaging with KOLs can help payer teams better understand the value of a specific drug or intervention to make a more informed decision about reimbursement.
  • R&D Teams: KOL’s helpful insights can be used to guide research and development efforts.
  • Regulatory Affairs Teams: KOLs can help these teams understand the real-world implications of regulatory requirements and offer their thoughts on changing a regulatory strategy, making it better.
HCP Identification

Customized to meet the needs of your organization

The reporting features offered by Pantheon are customizable and provide search-specific filters. 81qd’s Data Scientists can customize these filters to meet specific organizational requirements. Pantheon has the option of user-based tiered access and provides visibility across functions and geographies, all while meeting rigorous industry and company-specific compliance standards.

Pantheon’s thought leader and KOL engagement platform also has the ability to be integrated seamlessly into CRM systems, such as Veeva or Salesforce, ensuring that field forces are receiving the most up-to-date information.

Digital Leader Sentiment Analysis for Pharmaceutical Industry

Social/digital leader ASSESSMENT

Leveraging sentiment analysis of digital opinion leaders

Leverage sentiment analysis to support digital opinion leader engagement

Pantheon helps clients assess a healthcare provider’s (HCP’s) online and social media activity to identify digital leaders using an objective, data-driven approach.

Objective, data-driven approach to digital leader assessment

Sentiment analysis integrates data-driven programmatic research and medical acumen to assess thought leaders’ perceptions across topics and products, measuring changes over time. Analysis captures key channels, including social media, conference podium presentations, and other online interactions.

Sentiment analysis complements internal measures of thought leader advocacy and evaluates movement in brand equity that can directly inform thought leader engagement and strategy. Monitoring can be timed in conjunction with data releases at conferences.

Thumbprint: Who is 81qd? An advanced healthcare data science company

HCP Profiling, Segmentation, & Analytics

Unlock precision in targeting with Pantheon’s advanced HCP profiling, segmentation, and analytics software platform.

Pantheon applications span our clients' core business needs
  • Know Your Trial Experts – Review current expert trial involvement and overall activity
  • Make Informed Selections – Apply analytics to map and select appropriate experts for trials
  • Share Insights With Extended Team – Coordinate activities across the enterprise
  •  Work Compliantly – Safeguard corporate integrity standards
  •  Track Results – Establish benchmarks and monitor trial plans and outcomes
  • Manage Outreach & Engagements – Streamline and optimize interactions with HCPs through Pantheon’s precise engagement tools
Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Profiling Represented as a Magnifying Glass

Clinical Trial Profiling

Manage clinical trialist database

Organize and Manage Clinical Trialist Profiling

Pantheon is a helpful tool for managing relationships with participants in clinical trials and streamlining Clinical Trial Profiling & Recruitment.

Pantheon collects information about clinical trial involvement and principle investigators (PIs), saving this information in a constantly updated online database, helping to make informed decisions when planning clinical trials. 81qd proprietary technology profiles clinical trial sites and HCPs, allowing clients to manage the difficult clinical trial recruitment process.

kol identification and profiling for clinical trials

Advanced Analytics for Clinical Trial Profiling & Segmentation

81qd supports clients in developing a robust, analytically driven, and integrated assessment of the clinical trial profiling universe to create a much more efficient recruitment process for .

Pantheon Clinical Trial Profiling applies analytics to map out trial sites and investigators, allowing clients to optimize clinical trial strategy and prioritize top new trialists based on profiling and segmentation analyses.

Institutional Profiling for Pharmaceutical companies

Healthcare Provider Profiling

Organize and Manage Engagements with HCPs

Pantheon’s streamlined HCP engagement platform integrates organization tools, ensuring effective and meaningful interactions with healthcare providers. Tailored to suit the intricacies of the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, Pantheon prioritizes efficient management of engagements, offering real-time tracking and optimization of HCP interactions.

Advanced Analytics for HCP Profiling & Identification

Pantheon’s HCP profiling platform offers up-to-date and ai-driven profiling, segmenting, and analysis of current healthcare providers (HCPs) specific to the need as an organization as it pertains to your organizations  pharmaceutical and medical product offerings. 

Case Study: Leveraging Network Mapping and Sentiment Analysis to Establish Leadership in a New Area


questions icon


Launching 2 products with indications across 3 hematology conditions

Targeted tumor types were all ultra-rare

Client did not have any hematology presence

challenges icon


Entrenched competitors have been in the market for 5+ years
Limited internal knowledge of dynamics within hematology

No established relationships with thought leaders

Data Analysis Icon


Who are the key clinical leaders within and across tumor types?

What are their perceptions regarding key brand issues and themes?

Which clinicians should lead our speaker programs?


Analyze Assess Action
KEY BUSINESS QUESTION Who are the key clinical leaders within and across tumor type? What are their perceptions regarding key brand issues and themes? Which clinicians should lead our speaker programs?
81qd APPROACH Utilized Plexus analytics and real-world data to identify clinical leaders for each tumor type
Leveraged CMS open payments data to understand current industry relationships
Leveraged natural language processing to determine sentiment (Positive, Negative, and Neutral) at a topic level for each thought leader Integrated insights from Acuity and Plexus to qualify, profile, and sort speakers based on academic leadership, clinical influence, and CMS data institutional restrictions, including prior speaker and consulting engagements


Established Footprint

  • Recommended engagement with 99 new clinical leaders
  • Medical and commercial teams partnered to review and prioritize clinicians in order to build leadership in market space

Deepened Market Understanding

  • Gained baseline understanding of clinical leader attitudes across 10 key issues
  • Tracked evolution of attitudes to assess market dynamics and impact of messaging

Exceeded Product Uptake Expectations

  • Achieved 40% new-patient share for first approved indication within one year

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