Healthcare Analytics Products & Solutions

81qd revolutionizes healthcare and pharmaceutical analytics services by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Real-World Data (RWD) across our suite of custom healthcare analytics tools.

Our solutions empower medical companies to enhance disease diagnosis, improve product adoption, and optimize HCP engagement. Learn about our innovative data analytics tools, purpose-built to tackle the complex challenges of today’s pharmaceutical marketplace.


Purpose-Built Data Analytics Tools for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies

Explore our suite of customizable data analytics tools, uniquely designed to empower pharmaceutical companies with actionable insights.

Real World Data Analytics Services

Real-World Data Analytics Leveraging AI Tools

81qd is redefining pharmaceutical decision-making with advanced real-world data (RWD) analytics by integrating AI, deep medical knowledge, and pharmaceutical data science. Our RWD analytics solutions transform healthcare by improving product adoption and therapy adherence. 

Pantheon: Healthcare Thought Leader Identification & Engagement Platform

Thought Leader Identification and Engagement Platform

Pantheon streamlines thought leader identification and engagement with AI-driven data science, simplifying the process of connecting with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs). It enhances efficiency across pharmaceutical marketing campaigns with seamless CRM integration.

Plexus HCP Targeting and Clinical Network Analytics

HCP Targeting and Clinical Network Analytics

Plexus delivers precise HCP targeting and clinical network mapping, leveraging big data and AI for in-depth analyses and strategic decision-making in diverse therapeutic areas and rare diseases.
Origin Rare Disease and Undiagnosed Patient Finding Analytics Tool

Undiagnosed Patient and Rare Disease Analytics

Orion uses machine learning to identify HCPs providing care to both diagnosed and yet-to-be-diagnosed patients in rare and hard-to-diagnose diseases, streamlining disease diagnosis processes.
Acuity Key Opinion Leader Identification Analytics Software

KOL Identification Mapping & Profiling Analytics

Acuity facilitates KOL identification and mapping with advanced analytics, providing a suite of customizable tools for strategic KOL engagement.

Who We Are: 81qd Overview

At the crossroads of data science, medical strategy, and healthcare communication, 81qd shines as a leader in pharmaceutical data analytics. Our diverse team, consisting of top-tier data scientists and medical strategists, has paved the way for groundbreaking analytics solutions, with a focus on AI tools for customized RWD analytics.

  • Deep Clinical Insights: Our RWD solutions delve into the complexities of patient care, providing a granular view of treatment pathways and healthcare interactions to identify areas for intervention and improvement.
  • Enhancing Patient Care: We are committed to shortening the path to diagnosis and treatment, leveraging real-world data to inform better healthcare decisions and outcomes.
  • Strategic Data Application: With a keen focus on patient journey analytics and market sizing, our solutions are designed to uncover actionable insights that support therapy adoption and adherence, giving our pharmaceutical partners a strategic edge.
  • Customized RWD Solutions: Our expertise lies in distilling vast data sets into meaningful patterns and predictions, creating custom RWD models that align with the unique demands of various disease states and therapeutic areas.
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Data Science Experts

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Medical Strategists

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Medical Communications Professionals

Why Choose 81d for Healthcare Analytics Services?

Choosing 81qd means partnering with a leader in pharmaceutical data analytics, where advanced AI and medical expertise converge to drive strategic outcomes. Our suite of analytics solutions empowers pharmaceutical companies to make data-driven decisions. With 81qd, you gain access to innovative tools customized to your team’s needs, ensuring that every strategy is informed, effective, and poised for success.

The Power of RWD Analytics in Healthcare

Real-world data (RWD) provides insights into healthcare’s real-life complexities, enhancing patient care by addressing treatment efficacy and healthcare utilization across diverse patient populations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for 81qd analytics solutons

How does AI enhance Pharmaceutical Analytics?
AI enhances pharmaceutical analytics by enabling the processing and analysis of vast amounts of data at unprecedented speeds. This leads to more accurate predictions, identification of patterns not visible to the human eye, and the automation of complex analytical tasks, thereby driving innovations in disease diagnosis, treatment pathways, and patient care.

What is Real-World Data (RWD) Analytics in the Healthcare Industry?
Real-world data analytics refers to the examination of data collected from routine patient care. This includes electronic health records, insurance claims, patient registries, and wearable technology. RWD analytics help in understanding treatment outcomes, patient behavior, and healthcare utilization in real-world settings.

Can 81qd’s analytics tools be customized for specific therapeutic areas?
Yes, our tools, including Orion, Plexus, Acuity, and Pantheon, are designed to be highly customizable to meet the unique demands of various disease states and therapeutic areas. Our healthcare analytics solutions can be tailored to provide deep insights specific to your strategic needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

How does 81qd ensure the privacy and security of data?
81qd prioritizes the privacy and security of all data we handle. We adhere to strict data protection regulations and employ advanced security measures to protect sensitive information. Our systems are designed to ensure that patient privacy is respected and always protected.

How does 81qd support earlier disease diagnosis with Orion?
Orion leverages AI and machine learning to analyze real-world data, identifying undiagnosed patients likely to have specific diseases, especially rare and hard-to-diagnose conditions. This enables healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to screen and diagnose these patients earlier, improving treatment outcomes and engagement activities.