Purpose Driven RWD Solutions

Transforming Healthcare with Real-World Data Solutions

The actionable real-world data solutions by 81qd shape the future of healthcare, delivering analytics-driven insights that refine patient journeys, streamline product adoption, and bolster therapy adherence for improved healthcare outcomes.

Who We Are: 81qd Overview

At the crossroads of data science, medical strategy, and healthcare communication, 81qd shines as a leader in pharmaceutical data analytics. Our diverse team, consisting of top-tier data scientists and medical strategists, has paved the way for groundbreaking solutions, with a focus on AI tools for customized real-world data analysis. 

  • Deep Clinical Insights: Our RWD solutions delve into the complexities of patient care, providing a granular view of treatment pathways and healthcare interactions to identify areas for intervention and improvement.
  • Enhancing Patient Care: We are committed to shortening the path to diagnosis and treatment, leveraging real-world data to inform better healthcare decisions and outcomes.
  • Strategic Data Application: With a keen focus on patient journey analytics and market sizing, our solutions are designed to uncover actionable insights that support therapy adoption and adherence, giving our pharmaceutical partners a strategic edge.
  • Customized RWD Solutions: Our expertise lies in distilling vast data sets into meaningful patterns and predictions, creating custom RWD models that align with the unique demands of various disease states and therapeutic areas.
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What is Real World Data?

Real-world data (RWD) refers to the health information collected from a variety of sources outside of traditional clinical research settings, including electronic health records, insurance claims, patient registries, and wearable devices. 81qd teams use over a billion data points of RWD. 

The Power of RWD in Healthcare

Real-world data (RWD) provides insights into healthcare’s real-life complexities, enhancing patient care by addressing treatment efficacy and healthcare utilization across diverse patient populations. 

Our Real World Data (RWD) Solutions

81QD’s Real World Data (RWD) Solutions are designed to revolutionize healthcare decision-making with insightful analytics derived from real-world patient experiences.

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Purpose-built analytics tools providing insights into patient treatment paths and market size from billions of data points.

Local, Regional, and National Clinical Network Mapping

Quantifying the Clinical Journey of Patients

81qd uses over one billion data points of RWD to create market-sizing metrics of current clinical practice. This allows us to analyze clinical journeys that encompass the great majority of patients within any disease state, along with more than 95% of all clinicians.

We build on the traditional primary market approach by going into great depth on the experience of patients along with the breadth of patient/physician interaction. We then include important non-core specialties to delineate multiple journeys in any disease state.

Clinical Journey analytics

Leveraging RWD Analysis to Broaden Understanding of Patients and Treatment Plans

81qd uses real-world claims data to capture how patients flow through HCP specialties and treatments from diagnosis through management. This assessment allows our clients to build a foundational understanding of the patient journey based on factual claims analysis that captures all patient interactions.

Institutional Profiling for Pharmaceutical companies


Strategically leverage advanced machine learning to pinpoint practices where new therapies are most likely to be adopted.

Drive Product Adoption With Real-World Data Analytics

81qd analytics go well beyond the historical approaches of assessing likely adoption based on broad segmentation and extrapolation using analog products. We leverage machine learning to assess thousands of patient and HCP features to identify and weigh their roles in driving adoption.

These insights provide our clients with tools to optimize HCP targets and engagement to drive product adoption.

Identify HCPs Managing Patients Likely to Adopt a Therapy

To predict the practices with patients likely to adopt a specific product, 81qd leverages claims data and machine learning to assess thousands of patient and HCP features to identify and weigh their roles in driving adoption. We identify patients that are likely adopters of a specific product and the HCPs who are currently managing these patients. Clients can also leverage HCP analytics for marketing initiatives and campaigns to engage directly across multiple digital channels.


Customized AI data analytics tools to identify HCP practices with high probability of patient nonadherence.

Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Profiling Represented as a Magnifying Glass

Maximize Therapy Adherence

81qd offers clients the ability to be proactive in efforts to address nonadherence by leveraging machine learning to identify HCP practices with the highest probability of patients likely to be nonadherent to therapy and provide targeted interventions to improve adherence.

Nonadherence to a medication is a complex health care problem, driven by a myriad of both patient- and HCP-related factors, such as:

Patient-Driven Adherence Factors
  • Demographics
  • Ability to follow a medication regimen
  • Willingness to pay for a medication regimen
HCP-Driven Adherence Factors
  • Prescribing patterns
  • Practice attributes
  • Historical adherence patterns
Identify HCPs Managing Patients Likely to be Nonadherent to Therapy

To identify the practices likely to have nonadherent patients, machine learning structures and finds interrelations between patient and HCP features, then assesses which features are predictive of nonadherence for a specific product and disease. Our clients can then leverage these findings to proactively engage and educate clinicians and patients across channels.

These applications span our clients’ core business needs

  • Effectively target disease management interventions
  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Improve financial support program efficiency and effectiveness
Clinical Journey analytics

Customized Real-World Data Analytics Tools

81qd specializes in developing purpose-built RWD solutions, offering customized analytics tools designed to deliver valuable insights across various life science industries and therapeutic treatments, tailored to your unique requirements.

Tailored Insights for Rare Disease and Diverse Therapeutic Areas

From the complex landscapes of rare diseases to varied therapeutic areas, 81qd’s purpose-built tools are engineered to uncover key patterns and actionable insights in specific therapeutic areas, guiding strategies and interventions across established and emerging healthcare markets. 

Why Choose 81qd's RWD Solutions?

81qd’s Real World Data solutions stand out with advanced analytical capabilities and tailored approach, providing a strategic advantage through deep, actionable insights. Our solutions are designed to address your specific healthcare challenges, offering robust data-driven support for critical decision-making in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Integrating RWD Into Your Strategy

With 81qd’s expertise, integrating Real World Data into your commercial and medical strategies becomes seamless. Our team’s knowledge and custom approach enable easy integrations and dynamic on-demand reporting capabilities. Tailored to meet your team and business needs, our solutions ensure you have the most relevant, actionable insights at your fingertips, supporting your strategic objectives effectively.