Plexus HCP Targeting, Segmentation, and Clinical Network Mapping Software

Plexus: HCP Targeting & Clinical Network Mapping

Plexus™ is a purpose-built healthcare data analytics software designed to leverage the power of big data and proprietary AI algorithms to produce actionable insights by uncovering hidden patterns of clinical behavior. Plexus™ facilitates precise healthcare provider (HCP) targeting. Plexus empowers biopharmaceutical clients to effectively drive therapeutic innovation, providing precision in HCP segmentation and clinical network mapping for a measurable competitive advantage.

Who We Are: 81qd Overview

81qd stands at the forefront as a leading Pharmaceutical Data Analytics Company, innovating at the intersection of data science, medical strategy, and healthcare communications. Our organization comprises a multi-disciplined team of seasoned data scientists, medical strategists, and medical communications professionals, all working together to transform the landscape of healthcare.

  • In-Depth Clinical Network Analysis: Plexus offers a comprehensive view of clinical networks, identifying key influencers and their interconnections to maximize the reach and impact of healthcare interventions.
  • Precision HCP Targeting: We refine the art of HCP targeting, utilizing predictive analytics to identify and engage with healthcare professionals pivotal to therapy adoption and patient care.
  • Actionable Insights for Strategic Decisions: Plexus transforms complex data into actionable insights, empowering pharmaceutical companies to navigate the healthcare landscape with data-driven confidence.
  • Customized HCP Analytics Tools: Plexus is engineered to adapt to our clients’ unique needs, delivering bespoke solutions that cater to specific therapeutic areas and life science needs.
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The Power of Clinical Network Analytics

Clinical network analytics serves as the backbone of informed healthcare strategies, offering a panoramic view of interconnected care providers. Plexus meticulously identifies and maps the relationships between key clinical leaders and HCPs. This insight is crucial, as these leaders significantly influence patient care practices and treatment adoption across their networks. With Plexus, healthcare organizations can pinpoint HCPs and engage them effectively to amplify positive patient outcomes by driving informed healthcare marketing and sales strategies.

Customized HCP Targeting With Plexus™

Harnessing the power of Plexus transforms Healthcare Provide (HCP) targeting into a precise science, blending custom data modeling, over a billion data points, and predictive AI analytics to ensure that engagement efforts are not just focused on volume, but are strategically segmented towards specific therapeutic treatments and healthcare markets.  By analyzing focused data sets, Plexus reveals the HCPs whose influence shapes patient care in specific treatment areas, allowing for tailored engagement strategies that resonate with the right audience at the right time.

HCP targeting and Clinical Network Mapping Services

81qd’s HCP targeting and segmentation solutions harness predictive analytics to transform healthcare provider (HCP) engagement, offering precise, data-driven strategies for effective pharmaceutical and healthcare market segmentation.

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Clinical Network Analytics for Informed Decisions

Purpose-built analytics tools providing insights into patient treatment paths and market size from billions of data points.

Digital Leader Sentiment Analysis for Pharmaceutical Industry

Identify Impactful Clinicians and Their Networks

Clinical leaders have a ripple effect on the care of many patients, far beyond their own practice, by impacting the behavior of other clinicians within their broad-reaching clinical networks. Plexus identifies these leaders as well as the providers to whom they are connected—information that other clinical network analyses do not provide.

Local, Regional, and National Clinical Network Mapping

Local, Regional, & National Clinical Network Maps

Plexus delivers clinical network maps that depict national, regional, and local network connections, enabling targeted strategies for key clinician groups. 81qd then uses a proprietary Network Impact Score to efficiently focus groups of clinicians, customized by precise patient types and current practice behaviors. 

HCP Targeting Analytics

HCP Targeting Analytics

Plexus redefines HCP targeting analytics by evaluating clinicians through a dual-lens approach. Our analytics factor in both the volume of patient care and the clinicians’ influence within their networks. By marrying predictive analytics with real-world data, Plexus ensures that your field teams engage with clinicians who can genuinely drive therapeutic adoption.

Leveraging Multiple Data Sources To Optimize Targeting

Today, the need for field teams to focus on the right targets is more critical than ever. With increased restrictions on field access to clinicians, limitations on time with clinicians, and payer mandates on what clinicians can prescribe, the importance and impact of each field visit increases. The most effective field teams are those that engage with the highest-potential and highest-impact clinicians. 81qd integrates multiple data sources, including medical and pharmacy claims, projected Rx data, and other secondary sources to define the optimal targeting approach. Integrating these analyses allows our clients to optimize field targeting by creating a holistic view of each clinician’s value.

Maximize Resources With Effective HCP Targeting

To optimize HCP targeting, our analytics values clinicians based on their cumulative impact on patient care and not just patient volume. Plexus integrates predictive influence-based metrics with volume-based metrics to prioritize the clinicians to target. This approach leverages AI-driven data analytics to enable field teams to engage the right customers and goes far beyond traditional “referral mapping”. This aids in maximizing resource allocation, ensuring that outreach efforts are concentrated on clinicians who are pivotal in patient care and therapeutic decisions.

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Applications Span our Clients' Organizations

With its cutting-edge analytics, Plexus offers tailored benefits for various teams within our client organizations, driving efficiency and effectiveness in unique ways.

Marketing Teams:

  • Utilize Plexus for highly efficient targeting by leveraging clinical connections.
  • Customize promotional communications to resonate with key clinician groups.
  • Enhance programming with data-driven insights.

Medical Teams:

  • Employ Plexus to identify Medical Science Liaison (MSL) targets, including rising stars.
  • Achieve a comprehensive understanding HCP clinical networks to enhance engagement approach.

Sales Forces:

  • Leverage Plexus™ for precision, dynamic targeting that balances efficiency with high-impact outreach.
  • Utilize understanding of clinical networks to support engagement prioritization and strategic planning. 

Business Insights Team:

  • Incorporate insights from Plexus™ to refine Messaging Testing through in-depth interviews.
  • Ensure pull through via message tracking (ATU & Sentiment Analysis).
  • Provide ongoing strategic direction to organization. 

Market Access Teams:

  • Segment clinical networks effectively by payer type with Plexus, optimizing business opportunities.
  • Utilize Plexus insights to understand and influence market dynamics better.
Cross Functional Clinical Leader applications of Plexus by 81qd
Why Choose Plexus by 81qd?

Choosing Plexus by 81qd offers a strategic edge in the complex landscape of healthcare data analytics. Plexus stands out for its combination of AI data analytics with tailored solutions, customized by 81qd Medical Strategists and Data Scientists, enabling precise HCP targeting and comprehensive clinical network mapping for your needs. Plexus™ analysis goes far beyond traditional referral mapping by mapping bi-directional patient and disease level clinical networks across and within specialties of interest.  

Integrating Plexus Into Your Strategy

With 81qd’s expertise, integrating Plexus into your engagement strategies becomes seamless. Our team’s knowledge and custom approach enable easy integrations and dynamic on-demand reporting capabilities. Tailored to meet your team and business needs, our HCP targeting  solutions ensure you have the most relevant, actionable insights at your fingertips, supporting your strategic objectives.