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Institutional Profiling for Pharmaceutical companies

Thought Leaders

Challenges in Thought Leader Management

Thought leaders are the rock stars of medicine—and the number of pharma company internal stakeholders who want a piece of them is increasing. Data analytics can help manage across geographies, compliance regulations, and more.

The Launch-Engagement Playbook

Using AI to find HCP thought leaders and influencers traditional techniques would miss.

Digital Thought Leaders

How to cut through the noise to find the right digital thought leaders who can best amplify your brand.

Sentiment Analysis

Digital media allows thought leaders more communication platforms than ever before. Sentiment analysis combines programmatic analysis and marketing expertise to map changing perceptions.

Maximizing HCP Engagement: NPs and PAs Rising Influence

Some key areas of change and what they mean for the future of HCP engagement.

Patient Finding

Leverage AI for Precision in Rare Disease Diagnosis

Why “95% accurate” is 99.98% wrong in rare disease, and how human intelligence and precision metrics can get it right.

The Role of AI in Helping Clinicians Diagnose Patients

Undiagnosed patients may be “hiding in plain sight” if they don’t fit the patterns physicians expect. AI can help uncover the diagnosis journey and lead to earlier treatment adoption.

Researching, Recognizing, and Reaching the Rare

Case Study on Global Patient Finding in Rare Disease

Advanced Analytics

The Intelligent AI Consumer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) fueled by real-world healthcare data has yet to be fully leveraged by biopharmaceutical companies but is poised to revolutionize their business strategies.

Analytics- The Secret Sauce that Makes Data Big

Biopharma companies have spent the last few years focused on a Big Data strategy; however, patient journey and physician segmentation approaches remain largely unchanged at the core.

Data Analytics Evolution - Moving from Castles to Community

Three principles define how to effectively leverage data to drive commercial and medical action, personalize engagement, and improve patients' outcomes in today's "bigger data" environment.

Clinical Trials

What Impact Will AI Have on Clinical Trials?

AI can now design novel drug candidates that chemists might not consider. It increasingly has a role in every step of drug development, and can cut costs from bench to bedside.

Optimizing Clinical Trial Recruitment

Case Study: How 81qd accelerated the clinical trial recruitment process for an oncology client.


Holistic Network Mapping

Traditional HCP network mapping has been hindered by a dependence on limited variables. Holistic mapping starts where those efforts end to deliver a nuanced portrait of HCP interconnections.

Bridging AI & Human Insights in Biopharma Markets

A blind focus on the science of predictive analytics has arisen at the expense of the intuitive art of effective strategy. Best results come when medical, marketing, and data scientists join forces to build a holistic picture of the market landscape.

PLEXUS Refresh Outputs

MYTH: Clinical Leaders will not change year to year

REALITY: New Clinical Leaders emerge each year

Brand Building

The BUILD Checklist: A Framework for Building Brands

Launching a brand is not the same as building one. This checklist offers a simple but powerful schema for marketers to keep in mind.

Chess Moves for Brand Adoption

Chess attack strategies can offer insights into utilizing clinical influencers. AI leverages a broad range of data points to assess influence and build networks. The synergy they create when combined can be surprisingly powerful.

The 5 Key Steps to Identifying & Engaging HCPs Where They Are

In today’s biopharma world, effectively prioritizing and engaging HCPs continues to be a challenge.
81qd’s high impact solution to this challenge leverage 5 steps that integrate data and digital innovation.


Video; 40 mins

Webinar: The Missing Link in Marketing: HCP Impact (40 minutes)

81qd Managing Director Bob Gabruk and EVP Daniel Leszciewicz, PhD discuss strategies to combine AI and marketing expertise to create the highest possible impact for pharma brands.
Video; 4:15 mins

MM&M Open Lens: Video Interview with 81qd Managing Director Bob Gabruk (4:15 minutes)

A brief overview of 81qd explicated by Bob Gabruk in conversation with MM&M Senior Editor Larry Dobrow.

Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M) Game Changers 2020: 81qd

Recognition by MM&M of 81qd’s unique, customized, high-value solutions designed to maximize life-science brands.

Video; 36:40 mins

Video: From AI to HI: It's Not What You Know... It's What You Understand (36:40 minutes)

Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M) Agency 100 2022: 81qd


Improving Omnichannel Marketing with Pharmaceutical Analytics

As biopharma moves to Omnichannel 3.0, significant opportunity exists to leverage analytics to optimize engagement. This webinar featuring Alison Reichert, former Head of Digital & Omnichannel Marketing, US Oncology at Takeda Oncology and , Susan Abedi Chief Strategy Officer – 81qd-MKG, focuses on best practices and use cases on how to utilize RWD and analytics to support omnichannel targeting and execution.