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Plexus was built to harness the power of big data and produce actionable outcomes using proprietary algorithms. Ultimately, by identifying hidden patterns of clinical behavior, Plexus enables our clients to drive the diffusion of therapeutic innovation more effectively, providing them with a measurable competitive advantage.


Identify the most impactful clinicians and their networks

Clinical leaders have a ripple effect on the care of many patients, far beyond their own practice, by impacting the behavior of other clinicians within their broad-reaching clinical networks. Plexus identifies these leaders as well as the providers to whom they are connected—information that other analyses cannot provide.

Leverage the analysis to gain a significant advantage

Plexus delivers clinical network maps that depict national, regional, and local network connections that can be leveraged to help drive best practices. 81qd then uses a proprietary Network Impact Score to efficiently focus on subsets of clinicians, customized by precise patient types and current practice behaviors.

The applications span our client's organizations...

Marketing teams to leverage clinical connections for highly efficient targeting, customization of promotional communications, and enhanced peer-to-peer programming
Medical teams to objectively identify MSL targets, including Rising Stars, while gaining a holistic view of engagement
Sales forces for optimal targeting and maximum efficiency, while still achieving or exceeding sales objectives
Market Access teams to segment clinical networks by payer type to maximize the business opportunity


Quantify the clinical journey

Plexus goes way beyond traditional primary market research-based patient journey approaches by analyzing over a billion different data points that encompass the great majority of patients within a given disease state and more than 95% of all clinicians.

Traditional market research provides depth on patient experience and the analyses are often synthesized into "one journey." Not capturing the breadth of patients and physicians or considering the reality that there are multiple "journeys" means this approach may likely miss non-core specialties that also manage patients along the journey.

Leverage the analysis to build a broader understanding of patients and treatment plans

81qd leverages real-world claims data to capture the full breadth of treatment practice to better understand how patients flow through HCP specialties and treatments from diagnosis through management. This allows for an assessment of the journeys of thousands of patients and allows our clients to then build a foundational understanding of the patient journey, based on "factual" claims analysis that captures all patient interactions.


Enable effective targeting

To optimize targeting, our analytics value clinicians based on their cumulative impact on patient care and not just patient volume. Plexus integrates predictive influence-based metrics with volume-based metrics to prioritize the clinicians to target. This approach leverages AI-driven analytics to enable field teams to engage the right customers.

Leverage analytics to optimize engagement

Today, the need for field team focus on the right targets is more critical than ever. With increasing restrictions on field access to clinicians, limitations on time with clinicians and payer mandates on what clinicians can prescribe, the importance and impact of each field visit increases. The most effective field teams are those that engage with the highest-potential and highest-impact clinicians. 81qd integrates multiple data sources including medical and pharmacy claims, projected Rx data, and other secondary sources to define the optimal targeting approach. Integrating these analyses allows our clients to optimize field targeting by creating a holistic view of each clinician's value.